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March 24
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Life of a fairy has its perks, well sort of, besides being completely alone.

My name you ask? (y/n) (l/n). I live in this meadow by myself. Occasionally I get
visitors. A rabbit, deer and their doe, or even mice.

The mice are very fun to talk too. They tell me about the world outside the meadow. It's strange. A bigger universe.- far grander than my little isolated world of only eight species of flowers and weeds.

In this world I call my home, the barrier that keeps me alive, is the circle of mushrooms that stands around my birth flower in the middle of the meadow. These roots are connected to all the other flowers. So I am in essence connected with mother earth. I help the animals get food,  the bees gather nectar, and even help the mice hide from predators. But I will dare not go outside my safe haven for I will die. I may be "alone", but I am special.

The sky is painted colors of red, orange and yellow. It cries out to me. Telling me sad words of yearning and dreams that will never come true.

My dreams? What do I yearn for?

I feel it
This feeling of complete loneliness.

I am consumed by the darkness of the night that engulfs the meadow which during the day the atmosphere is golden and light, but at night its lonely.

My tiny form sits on a little random dying flower. longer of this sorrow............

I look up. The moon smiles at me.

"It must be fun to have all those stars surrounding you, my gleaming friend." I sighed deeply.

Sitting up from the withered flower, I gently placed my hand on petal; whispering a natural melody I instinctively knew from birth, I got ready for my short journey to the flower where I was born. My wings made a fluttering noise as I took off. I delicately landed on my flower. The flower swayed a little bit from my contact. My flower was slightly different from the rest. It's petals where pure white.

"Just like you." whispering to myself, head down. 


Once again, looking up. The moon smiling once more. My (c/e) eyes reflecting the glowing large mass in the sky.

I look away.

Tiredness sweeps over my face. I yawn.

"Goodnight flower, goodnight meadow, goodnight animals, goodnight stars......and goodnight moon." Yawning once more I fall into a deep dream of oblivion.

"STOP THAT BOY," Your body jerked up. Startled, the voices of others sounded weird in your ears.", HE KILLED HER! AND HE MUST PAY WITH HIS LIFE!"



Several other comments were called out by the angry crowd. Or so you thought. They were running through the forest that surrounded your meadow. The mice had told you about these unique creatures. They said they looked like you, but way bigger and without wings. You wondered how they got around without using wings. The thought was just silly. Curiosity got the best of you, I had to go look at what was going on. You want something different to happen in your life. Even if it meant you could only watch from afar. Besides this is a once in a life time chance to ever meet a.....uh.......what were they called.....oh yes....humans!

  The white flower, no longer protecting you with its petals. You flew to the edge of the meadow to get a closer look on the scene that was unfolding right in front of you. Your eyes widen.


There were ten humans in all. Eight of them were surrounding the other two. There was a tall and ugly looking man. His face was drowned with wrinkles, teeth rotten black and missing, and he was even missing an eye! He didn't even care to cover it up with a patch! The beastly man had ahold of a much smaller human, that was getting held from his collar of the dark moss colored cloak he was wearing. Squirming as much as he could, trying to get away. But to no avail. 

"hahahahahahah! 'ook a' he'm figh'n ba'k!" the man said with unknown accent.

"LET ME GO!" The person in the cloak sounded like a boy. You couldn't see his face but you knew he was on the verge of tears. The way when he yelled. It was clumsy and ragged. His voice even cracked at the end.

"Why would we do that, you little pathetic killer!" This time it was a women that had tangled, dirty hair. She was on the verge of craziness.

It wasn't only the women. They were all acting like rabid squirrels. Jumping, spontaneous clapping, yelps and hoots. It almost looked like some sort of wild mating dance from an extinct species.

They threw him to the ground and stared kicking him violently. Over and over again. I heard a loud crack and the they finally stopped. The damage had been done. He laid there, lifeless with blood flowing from his mouth. As they retreated one of the humans spit on him and walked away laughing sadistically. 

I watched him as he slowly inched his way towards the meadow. My meadow........

I'm really happy with this. It only took me two days to write and its been on my mind for sometime.

Finally got it writen out. I am not sure how many parts i am going to make this. But im pumped!pelvic thrust dance 

But what I'm I doing to poor Arthur-chanonion sad 

part one~ your here!

part two~ soon!

Hidekazu Himaruya owns Hetalia.

YOU ARE OWNED BY :iconenglandgasmplz:

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